June 18, 2019

18F FDG PET-CT In Diagnosis And Pretreatment Staging Of Osteosarcoma

SestaMIBI Parathyroid Scan Hyperthyroidism Using Hyperparathyroidism. 27 years old Male was referred for localisation of a suspected parathyroid adenoma with clinically diagnosed Primary hyperparathyroidism (Serum PTH 172 ng/ml) and hypercalcemia (Serum calcium 11.7).
June 25, 2019

Triple-Phase Bone Scan Inaccurate Diagnosis And Characterization Of Suspected RSD

Triple-phase bone scan inaccurate diagnosis and characterization of suspected RSD. this case study highlights the utility of a Triple-phase bone scan inaccurate diagnosis and characterization of suspected RSD in a 32 years female patient with a traumatic fracture of the left forearm.
June 27, 2019

PSMA PET-CT Scan Case Study – Carcinoma Prostate

Case Study for PSMA PET-CT Scan. 67 years old, known case of Carcinoma prostate. Diagnosed as Adenoca, Gleason’s score (3+3=6) and PSA 53.7 ng/ml in 2015.Post IGRT (2016). On Silodal and Firmagon therapy. Nadir of PSA was 0.29 ng/ml in March 2017. Patient is now being evaluated for rising PSA levels (22.6 ng/ml on 17.01.19). Read More...
January 20, 2020

Low-Grade Glioma on FDG and FET PET/MRI

Ga-68 DOTATATE PET-MRI for detection of NET's - Duodenal Carcinoid. A 68-year old male, presented with loss of appetite. Endoscopy done revealed sub-mucosal (~1 cm) nodular lesion in the duodenum, which was biopsied and histopathologically proven to be carcinoid tumor.Ga-68 DOTATATE PET-MRI was done for further evaluation.