June 10, 2014

PET/MRI : Spinal Cord Deposits in Grade III Ependymoma

Follow up case of ependymoma with drop metastasis. 23 year old female is a known case of Grade III ependymoma. The patient was operated in May'12 following which RT and chemotherapy was given.
June 7, 2019

Gallium 68 PSMA PET-CT Scan – Carcinoma Prostate

Case Study For Gallium 68 PSMA PET-CT Scan. Patient Clinical History 73 years old is known case of Carcinoma prostate, post-prostatectomy (2017), on soliten and leuprolide. Nadir of PSA was 0.06 ng/ml on 2.07.17. The patient is now being evaluated for rising PSA levels (0.7 ng/ml on 25/01/2019).
June 7, 2019

Duodenal Carcinoid – DOTA Study on PET-MRI

Ga-68 DOTATATE PET-MRI for detection of NET's - Duodenal Carcinoid. A 68-year old male, presented with loss of appetite. Endoscopy done revealed sub-mucosal (~1 cm) nodular lesion in the duodenum, which was biopsied and histopathologically proven to be carcinoid tumor.Ga-68 DOTATATE PET-MRI was done for further evaluation.
June 17, 2019

SestaMIBI Parathyroid Scan For Hyperthyroidism Using Hyperparathyroidism

SestaMIBI Parathyroid Scan Hyperthyroidism Using Hyperparathyroidism. 27 years old Male was referred for localisation of a suspected parathyroid adenoma with clinically diagnosed Primary hyperparathyroidism (Serum PTH 172 ng/ml) and hypercalcemia (Serum calcium 11.7).