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February 5, 2020
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Pediatric Oncology

Exposure to ionizing radiation is a matter of concern with PET/CT when frequent follow-ups are required more so in pediatric patients. The exposure in PET/CT is 3 times than PET/MRI, so maybe a modality of choice in pediatric cancer patients when radiation is a concern and frequent follow-ups are needed.

Case 1: Osteosarcoma of Distal Right Femur Underwent Staging WB PET/MRI

Case History:

8-year-old male child with biopsy-proven osteosarcoma of distal right femur underwent staging WB PET/MRI.


STIR coronal (A), PET/MR fused coronal(B) reveal a metabolically active soft tissue mass in relation to the distal femur with evidence of pathological fracture. Dynamic postcontrast VIBE coronal(C), axial VIBE (D)demonstrate exquisite anatomical details including the vascular relations of the tumor which are of relevance for planning surgery. There was no evidence of metastasis elsewhere in the body.

Follow up PET/MRI after chemotherapy revealed marked regression in the extraosseous soft tissue with residual marrow changes on T1 sagittal(A) and PET MR fused coronal image (B) suggesting near-complete metabolic response.

Case 2: Spindle Cell Sarcoma. Post Curettage.

Case History:

2 year old female child, with Spindle cell sarcoma, post curettage. Underwent whole-body PET/MRI for staging workup on 20/1/14.


Axial Post-contrast subtracted axially ( A), T1(C), T2 (D) and fused PET/MRI (B) show non avid curettage cavity and FDG avid enhancing residual along the posterior margin of the cavity suggesting residual disease. The patient received chemotherapy for the same.

Key message:

1. Since PET/MR involves longer examination times, it is often required that the examination is done under sedation or anesthesia.

2. PET/MRI offers less radiation as compared to CT which is especially relevant for pediatric patients.

Case Study Prepared by:

This short PET-MRI Scan case was compiled by Dr. Sangeeta Taneja and Dr. Amarnath Jena (Nuclear Medicine Physician at PET-Suite @ Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Sarita Vihar).

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The Simultaneous PET-MRI Scan is currently offered at PET-Suite at Apollo Hospital, Sarita Vihar.

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