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February 3, 2020
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February 3, 2020

Ca Sigmoid Colon With Bone Mets

Case History:

A 64 year old female presented with c/o chronic backache and pain radiating to the left leg.
The X-ray revealed a lumbosacral spine revealed mild osteopenia. MRI of Lumbosacral spine was done which revealed diffuse marrow infiltration suggesting multiple myeloma or lymphoproliferative disease. However, serum electrophoresis no suspicious M band. PET/MRI screening of the whole body was done.


Whole spine screening sagittal STIR (A) and T1W (B) images showing diffuse marrow infiltration

Sagittal PET/MRI (A) image of the spine showing FDG uptake in the bone marrow. Coronal PET /MRI (C) and PET (C) images showing diffuse involvement of the axial and appendicular skeleton with a suspicious FDG avid lesion in the pelvis

Axial post-contrast (A) and sagittal T2W(B) images showing an enhancing intraluminal lesion (Blue arrow) in the sigmoid colon without any extraluminal extension or paracolic nodes. Corresponding PET /MRI (C), (D) images reveal focal FDG uptake.

Case Study Prepared by:

This short PET-MRI Scan case was compiled by Dr. Sangeeta Taneja and Dr. Amarnath Jena (Nuclear Medicine Physician at PET-Suite @ Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Sarita Vihar).

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