Unsuspected Osseous Metastasis in Breast Cancer with a Negative Bone Scan
January 27, 2020
Breast Cancer Cases
January 27, 2020

Unsuspected Osseous Metastasis in Stage II Ca Breast

Case History:

75- year old female, presented with a left breast lump. FNAC from the lump showed atypical cells. She was referred for regional and whole-body metastatic workup.


(A) Dynamic postcontrast axial first minute subtraction MIP image clearly delineated an irregular spiculated mass in the left breast with intense FDG uptake. B) FDG non-avid small nodular enhancing lesion detected in the right breast detected on MRI at the same time(morphologically intra-mammary node).(C,D) FDG avid metabolically active marrow lesion in the left pubic bone: definitive osseous metastasis (arrows)

Post-contrast T1 axial (A, B) and FLAIR axial (C)image showed a non-FDG avid marrow lesion in the right parietal bone (block arrow in C): possibly metastatic. Two sub-centimeter size dural based lesions possibly meningiomas detected in the same study could also bear an impact on overall patient management (white arrows in A, B).

PET MIP image (A) and PET/MR fused (B) shows avid breast lesion and left pubic bone lesion (arrow)

Case Study Prepared by:

This short PET-MRI Scan case was compiled by Dr. Sangeeta Taneja and Dr. Amarnath Jena (Nuclear Medicine Physician at PET-Suite @ Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Sarita Vihar).

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