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PSMA Case Study

PSMA PET-CT Scan Case Study

Patient Clinical History

67 years old, known case of Carcinoma prostate. Diagnosed as Adenoca, Gleason’s score (3+3=6) and PSA 53.7 ng/ml in 2015.

Post IGRT (2016). On Silodal and Firmagon therapy. Nadir of PSA was 0.29 ng/ml in March 2017. The patient is now being evaluated for rising PSA levels (22.6 ng/ml on 17.01.19).

Study Protocols

PET CT scan was done following intravenous administration of Gallium 68 PSMA on PET scanner with Multidetector Computerised Tomography (MDCT), scanning was performed from eyes to mid-thigh. A separate sequence with breath hold was performed for lung and a separate series for brain examination.

Study Findings

PSMA PET/CT Scan revealed no PSMA avid lesion in prostate with extensive PSMA avid (SUV max-53.9) predominantly marrow & few sclerotic skeletal metastases.

Credits for Contribution

This short PSMA PET-CT Scan case was compiled by Dr. Charu Jora [DRM, DNB] (Nuclear Medicine Physician at House Of Diagnostics).

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